Local 2032 Welcomes 8 New Members

Friday, May 21, 2021
We would like to welcome 8 new members to the IBEW union. All of these members are staffed at the new CEC Energy Zone building in Utica. A new member initiation was held at the facility on April 29th for the following employees:
James Paul, a Senior Tour Guide.
Kathleen Senior, a Full Time Tour Guide.
Samantha Malek, a Full Time Tour Guide.
Camryn Mancuse, a Part Time Tour Guide.
Kelsey Bowman, a Part Time Tour Guide.
Jaimie Kinville, a Part Time Tour Guide.
Guy Fraccola Jr., a Part Time Tour Guide.
Jessica Allen, a Part Time Tour Guide.
There was a dedication ceremony of the New York Energy Zone on April 23rd. Members of NYPA Management staff and IBEW LU 2032 officers/members were present for the event. Also present were former NYPA employee and Chairman John S. Dyson and his family members, for whom the building is named. Please click here to see more about the building and John S. Dyson.
A secret ballot & stamped self-addressed envelope has been mailed out to each member’s home for the formal PFL Program vote, similar to the election ballots. The ballots are due back by June 9th in order for the President and Unit Chairs to open them and count them at the June E-Board meeting. The office sent an email to all members advising them of this process along with the websites to view in order to make an educated decision on whether to vote to keep this program or to discontinue it.
It is not too late to turn in your Contract Negotiation 2022 Talking Points to your Shop Steward for consideration. The items of interest most mentioned in the handouts that we received back were 457 matches by the company, having a vision plan for family members, job description updates, essential worker pay, and a raise in the per diem rates. These sheets will be a valuable tool for negotiating with the company.