Apprenticeship Information

2021 Apprenticeship Training Schedule:

Future classes for 3rd year apprentices: 

  • January 4th -8th  Finish Tig Class at MVCC  All PPE and welding gear is needed. 
  • January 11th – 15th  PGM-604 Mig Welding Class at MVCC All PPE and welding gear is needed.

Everyone is required to wear a mask, thank you for your cooperation.

STL Electrical App Training
Local 910 will be commencing virtual training for STL Electrical Apprentices until we can de-escalate the Countermeasure Stage (<2). First session, this Thursday.

From Bob Romain:
Just giving the LMS #’S for the next three weeks:   LMS 1073022, LMS 1073023, and LMS 1073024  Pipe fitting Class. Thank you.

Please contact the union office if you have any questions.  Thank you.