Vacation Bank Getting Low and Join the 3rd District Youth Caucus

Friday, June 18, 2021
Please welcome the four new temporary employees hired at BG that are starting in June. If you see them, please take the time to introduce yourself.
Noah Smith was hired as a Temporary Grounds person.
Stephen Schmitt was hired as a Temporary Buildings & Grounds Attendant.
Nick Rowlison was hired as a Temporary Buildings & Grounds Attendant.
Max Sainsbury was hired as a Temporary Grounds person.
Vacation donation forms were distributed to all of the STL Shop Stewards the first week of June on behalf of Brian Mitchell. His vacation bank is getting low from the first round of donations, and we would ask you to consider donating an additional vacation day to Brother Mitchell in his time of need. If you would like to donate at CEC, please contact your Shop Steward or Tom Albanese for a form. Thank you to all who continue to support Brother Mitchell.
We are looking for young members to join the 3rd District Youth Caucus. If you are interested, please call or email the union office. You can check out their Facebook page: IBEW 3rd District Youth Caucus Renew or Twitter: @IBEW3DYC for more details. This group of young and engaged members from local unions across the U.S. and Canada come together to participate in workshops, trainings, plenary sessions, and local labor activities, all geared towards strengthening the sisterhood and brotherhood within the IBEW.
The PFL vote was counted at the Executive Board meeting held on June 10th at the union office, with Ben Murtagh, Jason Jochem and Dominick Colucci as the observers on hand for the vote count. The final vote count for LU 2032 was 131 yes and 65 no votes. Total vote count for LU 2104 in Niagara Falls, NY was 218 yes and 0 no votes. Based on the votes, LU 2032 will continue to participate in the PFL Program this year. Please take the time to read the PFL informational hand-outs and know your benefits and how to use them. You may access this information on the NY State website if you have any questions. Here is the link.
If you chose to vaccinate your 12–17-year-old child, please see the article and link on the NY State website where you can enter into one of 50 drawings for a full scholarship to SUNY or CUNY college. This is a great opportunity we wanted to bring to your attention.
You can access the NSC Safety & Health Magazine online by creating an account and using LU 2032’s member ID# 673855 to take advantage of all that membership has to offer. Safety & Health Magazine recently published an article regarding layers of FR protective clothing. Here is a link to that article regarding the question asked: Why does two plus two often equal five when it comes to a layered personal protective equipment clothing system?
We continue to have Shop Stewards call on Thursday evening of every week. This is a useful tool meant to keep in touch with members through the Shop Stewards during the COVID-19 leave that occurred last year. Topical items and time sensitive materials are discussed along with information Bill would like to share from the company. Sometimes the best way to understand a new policy or procedure is to discuss it with a group and have the stewards disseminate that information via first-hand knowledge to the members they represent. Don’t forget to use your Shop Steward as a valuable resource if you have any questions or concerns.
If you don’t already regularly check out the WNY Labor Today website, you should visit today and read the article posted on 6-3-21 from International Secretary-Treasurer Kenneth Cooper that focuses on the power of the union.
It is very important to make sure you let the union office know when your address or email changes. This may be the only way we are able to communicate with you regarding important information.
We continue to update the IBEW Local 2032 website with Apprenticeship information, schedules and updates. Please check out the “Members” tab.