NYPA Roundtable Meeting

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Joe Kessler, NYPA COO, provided the overview and introduction and discussed NYPA’s Asset Management Program, the “lift-off” of the drone training program and the certification that is to come.  Phil Toia discussed the importance of being more mindful and making better management decisions to create a safe and positive culture at work. Tim Zandes spoke in more detail about the Asset Management Program. Carol Geiger-Wank spoke of the need to campaign for better culture at work through short stories and videos on the company website. Phil and Joe also discussed the need for more hands-on training with new equipment. Doug McMahon spoke of NYPA’s 2030 Vision and the need to replace 50% of existing fossil generation to meet the target and work towards the 2040 target of 100% de-carbonized generation.
Finishing out the meeting, Keith Hayes spoke about the various state and NYPA programs that will facilitate the creation of jobs. NYPA’s Power has had a significant role in the creation of nearly 400,000 jobs in New York State.
More details of this meeting are available. Simply reach out to Ryan Lannis and Greg Hollis at STL; Ed Bentley, Trevor Paddock, Chris Nielsen, Chuck Gibbs, Bill Smith and Dom Colucci at CEC and Jason Jochem or Seth Empie at BG.


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