Important Updates from NYPA

Monday, April 13, 2020
Click the image above to watch a video message from NYPA President and CEO Gil Quiniones was sent out to all members on April 14, 2020.
NYPA has provided a recent Coronavirus info sheet to employees that has important resources such as websites and phone numbers to provide the latest information. It also highlights the texting update feature that your shop stewards have spoken to you about to have updates and work information provided to you through your phone. Please see this info sheet below:


NYPA & Canals COVID-19 Update
Thank you for your continued efforts to maintain focus on critical work and for helping curb the spread of COVID-19. To keep you informed on the latest tips and information, the COVID-19 Employee Information Roundup is sent on a regular basis. If you want to recommend an item, please send it to
  • Replay of All Hands Meeting: If you missed Tuesday’s All Hands Meeting or want to watch it again, you can stream it. Topics included dealing with the different safety, operational and financial facets of COVID-19 while answering a number of important questions from staff. If you missed it, please see recordings below, and do join live next time to stay in the know.
  • NYPA employees – click here to watch
  • Canal employees – click here to watch
  • Microsoft Teams has been activated: Microsoft Teams is a chat, audio and video conferencing tool that is now available for NYPA and Canals employees. It can be used as an alternative to Webex and the chat feature is a great way to reduce email volume. 

Incorporating these tools into the way you work today is a great way to become familiar with Teams. If you use Webex and Jabber, feel free to transition to Teams instead. Webex and Jabber will eventually be phased out.
  • Check out this user guide to help get you started.
  • Access learning resources: NYPA provides you with free access to LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform with courses on a wide variety of topics, including Teams. To register and get questions answered, contact
  • For questions or assistance with Teams, contact or call 914-287-4357.
Reminder: Lots of great resources are available for working remotely: How to GET and Stay Connected when you are working remotely, check out one of the newest resources about Web-based Meeting Tips.
  • Submit your Daily Health Survey: On Tuesday, the Daily Health Survey was expanded to all employees—including NYPA and Canals union members and is now being sent via text in addition to email. You only need to complete the survey once per day, and for most, it takes less than a minute to complete. Participation is strongly encouraged.
This effort is being made to continue to help manage community health and provide support to employees who exhibit early symptoms. If you do NOT receive the survey, send an email to and ask to be added (and provide your most frequently used mobile number.)  HR will protect personal and health information under HIPAA.
  • Reminder -- update your personal contact information:  to best obtain updates and information from NYPA, sign up for text messaging. Additionally, employees are required to maintain their personal and emergency contact information. Those with access to NYPA or Canals systems can update their information directly via Employee Self-Service from MYPageNYPA via the Powernet or the Canals Intranet.
If you cannot access the intranet, email your name, employee number and contact information​. Indicate whether the phone number provided is a land line or cell phone.  
  • Reminder-- sign up for text messagingNever miss info on events happening at your site and the latest COVID-19 news. Sign up for texts to be sent to your NYPA- or Canals-issued phone, or personal smartphone. Text the following sign up words to 877877 to sign up:
  • At ALB, text ALBnews
  • At B-G, text BGnews
  • At CEC, text CECnews
  • At FLN, text FLNnews
  • At NIA, text NIAnews
  • At STL, text STLnews
  • At WPO, text WPOnews
  • At ZEL (formerly 500-MW) text 500MWnews
  • At Canals, text Canalsnews
Note: For personal smart phones, text messaging rates may apply and are not reimbursable.
  • Support available: News reports are warning of the peak impact of COVID-19 hitting New York over the next couple of weeks. This is an emotionally difficult time, even for those who don’t know someone directly impacted. If you or your family need support, counselors are available 24/7 to help with confidential, emotional and practical assistance. 
Call 800-833-8707 or visit the EAP website at, company code: NYPA. Check the “News for You” section for up-to-date information. New York State also provides a free mental health hotline: You can call 1-844-863-9314 and schedule a free appointment.
We encourage employees to leverage the resources that are available for learning, managing stress, being mindful, and staying connected. Check out the variety of tools available here.
Stay in touch: With the rollout of Microsoft Teams across NYPA and Canals this week, having a face to face catch up with a colleague is easier than ever. From any chat conversation, you can start a video call with the touch of a button--look for this icon in the top right corner:
Please do not use Teams, Webex or other NYPA/Canals-provided platforms for communications not related to NYPA/Canals business. You can set up free accounts for Skype, use FaceTime if you have an iPhone (connect up to 25 people) or use one of the many other available options.
  • First responders fund: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo recently announced the creation of the First Responders Fund to assist COVID-19 health care workers and first responders with expenses and costs, including childcare. The state Department of Health is accepting donations for the fund and donations can be made electronically by clicking here.
You may also keep up to date with the latest information at these important websites that are updated continuously. They contain articles and tips on staying safe and healthy.
An FAQ page has been compiled for many of the questions pertaining to unemployment, stimulus checks and the Coronavirus Bill. Please click on the attachment to read about the most asked questions and the most up to date answers.


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