COVID Updates

Friday, November 5, 2021
The following was sent out as a text blast on September 10th:
Members: Please be advised that due to the lack of uniformity in time away from work related to COVID by NYPA, the Union Office has begun tracking COVID-related contacts and positives. Please call the LU Office at 315-764-1778 to share with the union your discussions with NYPA HR since September 1, as this information is not made available to the Union by NYPA. As always, your privacy is respected. “
We are asking everyone that has dealt with the company regarding COVID leave, Admin leave or personal leave due to COVID symptoms or contract tracing to call the union office and explain your situation. The office is keeping a spreadsheet to track how each case is handled.
Please see the attached Benefits information regarding the updated COVID-19 Time Away from Work updates. This was sent out by NYPA last week. We encourage you to contact your HR Department if you have any questions or concerns.
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